Collecting God’s Word in Your Heart

July 17, 2023

Here are my reflections and comments from today’s scripture from Our Daily Inspirations App

The scripture is from Luke11:28, “But he said, ‘On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God, and keep it.”

The devotion is titled “Collecting God’s word in Your Heart” by Heather Tietz. This devotion is summarized that is not enough to know God’s word. We must own it through every part of our being. We must practice God’s word through our hands, and feet. God’s word should move us to speak put, stand up, whisper a prayer, shout a praise, to dance with joy, to open our homes, to share our income, and to change our plans. In conclusion, let God’s word move, make, and change you. Then you will be truly blessed.

Reflection: What are some ways you are “Collecting” God’s word?

Here was my response: Some ways I am “collecting” God’s word is by living in His word. on a daily basis.

My Prayer for us: Dear God, we want to do more than just hear Your word. Let it fills us permeating every aspect of our lives. Please help us keep Your word in our hearts. Thank You for Your endless blessings. I Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Inspirations (2023/17/07) retrieved from Website: Daily “Collecting God’s word in Your Heart” by Heather Tietz..

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